We have  a passion for capturing the hard work of construction crews using FAA licensed drone cinematography and professional grade cinema cameras.  Interested in creating videos of your projects?  We have a novel system of filming construction projects from start to finish that allows the client to have as much or as little of a role as they want in the video creation process.  First, we learn about your project and what you want to have filmed.  Next, we plan out a schedule of intervals to film throughout the building project, with a minimum of two intervals - the beginning and the finished product at the end.  We then decide what additional intervals need to be filmed and what would make for the best video footage.  Finally, we schedule filming dates and get to work!  After the last interval is filmed, we take the footage and create a slick, polished video that shows the world how you build.
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Sample Video
We are the only video production company in the Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, and surrounding area that focuses on video content creation for the construction industry.  We aim to provide top notch video services to those who build America.
Contractors always have amazing projects going on, and we can capture your crew at work and help you show off your company's quality and performance.  A job site is no unfamiliar place to us, so we know right where to go to get the best shots and get along seamlessly with your crews.
Filming, editing & turnaround time varies, depending on the project and filming to be performed.  A several-hour or one-day video shoot can be turned into a finished video relatively quickly, while a project spanning a few weeks or months will take more time.  We will give you any opportunity you want to give feedback as the video is being worked on to ensure it comes out exactly as you want.
Our prices start at $1000 and up, depending on the scope of your project needs.  We can provide a more specific estimate upon discussion of your project, and will gladly give a discount for permission to use footage and finished videos we produce for you for our own promotional purposes. 
To discuss your needs or learn more, contact us by emailing
john@artisandigitalworks.com or call (610) 533-9678
CANON C100 Mark II
Cinema Camera (x2)
DJI Ronin-S
Gimbal Stabilizer
DJI Ronin
Gimbal Stabilizer
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
FAA Remote Pilot Certificate
Creative Director, John Poole
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