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We have  a passion for capturing homebuilders' and contractors' hard work using FAA licensed drone cinematography and professional grade cinema cameras.  Interested in creating videos of your projects?  We'd love to learn more about what you do and build a plan to create the value you need.  Here are the services & options we offer to document and showcase your work!
(sample video)
(sample video)
The House Build Journey is our flagship, ultra-customized service to show the world how you build.  We will maintain close communication and come out to your job site to film your project at various intervals to document the building process, then create a start-to-finish video showing the journey (usually 1 filming session per week until completion), with the finished & showcased project as the grand finale.  Turnaround time depends on project scope and duration of construction.
Starts at $1250.
Just need a slick video of a finished project or real estate listing? We can do that too, with quick turnaround times.  We will discuss details with you and schedule a time to come out and film the project (filming usually takes 4-5 hours on average, depending on size), and then get straight to work editing the footage into a polished video.  We try to capture more than just the home, whenever possible, and make the House Showcase video as attractive as possible to your potential buyers.  Starts at $350.
Contractors always have cool projects going on, and we can capture your boys at work and help you show off your company's quality and performance.  A job site is no unfamiliar place to our creative director, so he knows right where to go to get the best shots and gets along great with work crews. We'll even show up with a hardhat and steel toed shoes!  Filming, editing & turnaround time varies, depending on project.  $50/hr for filming & travel, $25/hr for editing.  Estimate will be provided when discussing project.  Discount given for long filming sessions.
CANON C100 Mark II
Cinema Camera (x2)
DJI Ronin-S
Gimbal Stabilizer
DJI Ronin
Gimbal Stabilizer
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
FAA Remote Pilot Certificate
Creative Director, John Poole
Contractor Projects
House Showcase
(sample video)
House Build Journey
(sample video)